Sammy Dog Pictures

I am a cute lab who loves to romp around the town and country. I take pictures of the all of the places that I go.

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Living | Atheist offering post-Rapture care for pets left behind | Seattle Times Newspaper →

I sure hope that my people have a plan for me.

Sunday morning hike

Today is gorgeous! The girl put on her backpack and I put on mine with green beans and we headed out. We wandered through the neighborhood to the shopping center. I was a perfect walker and enjoyed the weather. I am now enjoying a perfect Sunday nap while my people head out to buy me treats.


I had a great time meeting new friends at Virginia Woof and seeing old friends at Bridgetown.

I might be back…

I was thinking that I have not been posting as much as I probably should have been. I will try to be better.

Two backpack walks this weekend and I’m pooped

Excited about the new year possibilities with @congolia & @advicemonkey & @beerenginer & @jixbyphilips & all of my other friends

Excited about the new year possibilities with @congolia & @advicemonkey & @beerenginer & @jixbyphilips & all of my other friends

I made a new friend

I made a new friend

Ferry, llamas and more

Today, I rode the ferry for the first time. It was a little scary at first. I did not want to leave the car, but after a bit I realized that I had nothing to be scared of. Or it might have been the treats the girl had. After the ferry ride, found ourselves at farm with a whole bunch of weird looking animals. They smelled funny and strangely familiar, like the string the girl plays with. Now we are on our way home. I am so tired.

Caught red pawed with the boy’s celliemphone

Sunday at the dog park

Today I got to run and jump and play. It was Sunday at the dog park. My people took me in the car across town to the park where I can run free. They brought an orange frisbee but I did not want to play with the frisbee, I wanted to run and chase around with all of the other dogs. It was a lot of fun. All of the other dogs were real friendly and had fun running and chasing around with me. After awhile, I got to be too tired to run and chase around so my people gave me some water and I took a nap. I like Sundays at the dog park.